Amelia Canas

Posted on Aug 17, 2012

ImageWith 31 years spent here at Arcadia Montessori, Amelia Canas is a lifer. She teaches our Kindergarten class and conducts Spanish lessons with our other classes.

Canas started her career at Arcadia Montessori as a teaching assistant with school owner Judy Pemberton. Watching the teachers using the Montessori method, and the effect of the curriculum’s individualized instruction, inspired Canas to teach at Arcadia Montessori. She sought her Montessori education certification from the Association Montessori Internationale.

Born and raised in Nebraska, Canas comes from a family of educators. She realized early on that she wanted to become a teacher. She has a Bachelor’s in Education from the University of Nebraska.

After completing her education, she spent a year teaching at a traditional high school in Lincoln, Nebraska. She found out quickly that high school students weren’t for her.

“They’re like babies anyway,” she said to her attentive Kindergarten class. “You kids are much nicer.