Betsy Cyzan

Posted on Aug 17, 2012

ImageBetsy Cyzan started teaching at Arcadia Montessori in September of 1984. Back then, she brought her five-year-old daughter with her to work.  

Twenty-eight years later, Cyzan is still teaching our toddlers. Her daughter, however, has moved on;  she’s now a 30-something and a lead Veterinary Technician.

Cyzan was born in the Netherlands, moving here with her family when she was six. She earned her American citizenship in 2006.

Cyzan enjoys the toddlers the best, noting the changes in development that takes place between 18 months and three years. Some students start when they are barely talking, and Cyzan is there to guide them into learning independence and language.

After so many years at Arcadia Montessori, the students from her first years here are starting to enroll their own children: and they’re all asking for Betsy.

“Teaching the children of the kids you taught? It’s flattering,” she said. “It also makes you feel real old.”