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“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.” - Maria Montessori

Primary Program

Our primary classes are the modern Casa dei Bambini. The carefully-crafted environment allows the child to absorb the impressions they need to turn into knowledge. Children crave independence; in a Montessori classroom, children select the work that appeals most to them and are allowed to work and learn at their own pace.


Our loving instructors are AMI and AMS trained, in the art of guiding children with the Montessori method. Students ages three to five are guided through Practical Life skills, Sensorial Life experiences, Mathematics, Language and Arts, and Cultural lessons. In our year-round program, children will learn from our growing gardens, participate in food preparation, art and language lessons, as well as enjoy private music instruction.

Check out our P.E. and music programs.

Take a peek at our current rates and programs.


  • A beautiful, home-like environment welcomes the children.

  • Mixed-age classrooms encourage all children to develop their personalities socially and intellectually at their own pace.

  • Freedom to work and move in a prepared environment builds the child’s independence.

  • Children are taught practical skills to build confidence.

  • Grace and courtesy – often forgotten in traditional schooling – is a core concept in Montessori education.

  • AMI and AMS trained teachers guide children through the educational materials.

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